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New Release: “A Safer Life”


J. C. Owens and Melvin Groves are pleased to announce the upcoming release of our well-anticipated latest book, “A Safer Life.”

This book was written to help you fortify all efforts in understanding the dynamics and methods of creating a safer lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Working together we are all part of the solution.


Working together we are all the solution to safer families, neighborhoods and communities.



About the authors

About the authors

J. C. Owens is a dynamic leader, speaker and author. His message about the growing need for awareness and accepting personal responsibility for one’s safety and security is timely and empowering. His knowledge and experience about street-level and gang-related crime, acquired acquired as a young man, has been used as a valuable asset in various law enforcement operations.

News and updates

Creating a Victim-Proof Mindset: Part 1

  To start the process of creating a victim-proof mindset we must begin by acknowledging that criminals exist in the world around us, and the reality is that we could be victimized. Denying either of these facts may further expose us to the potential threats that exist. The key to becoming, what we refer to […]

Preparing for a Time of Crisis

  We will never be able to control the criminal and inhumane actions of others, or the catastrophic forces of nature. What we can control is how we prepare ourselves so that we may better act in a manner which gives us the best chance of survival when a difficult situation or crisis occurs. When […]