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J. C. Owens

J. C. Owens is a dynamic leader, speaker and author. His message about the growing need for awareness and accepting personal responsibility for one’s safety and security is timely and empowering. His knowledge and experience about street-level and gang-related crime, acquired as a young man, has been used as a valuable asset in various law enforcement operations. He is very skilled at operating in high-risk environments, with an emphasis on threat assessment and preparedness. This information can also be used as an indispensable resource for every-day survival.

J. C. Owens has spent the last 25 years as a business management and leadership consultant. Aware, Not Afraid is his way of sharing what he has learned throughout his lifetime to help others in safeguarding themselves and their loved ones from crime and natural disaster.

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In deciding to write “Aware, Not Afraid”, J. C. knew there was only one person who was up for the task of co-writing this book, his long-time friend and associate, Melvin Groves, whose credentials speak for themselves

Melvin Groves

Melvin began his thirty-seven-year career by serving in various military special-operation assignments. Since retirement from the military, he has become a consultant for public safety tactical elements and corporations for enhancing human-performance standards related to crisis management. His responsibilities include planning and executing high threat operation responses protecting personnel and assets against man-made or naturally-caused emergency situations throughout the world.

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About the authors