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“Aware, Not Afraid” 1st Edition

Due to high demand, our first book  Aware, Not Afraid”which was written in 2013, is currently sold out in paperback (only available in e-book format).  The authors are preparing to release a 2nd edition, titled “A Safer Life”.  The new book incorporates much of the previous edition, as well as new information to better prepare you in safeguarding yourself and your loved ones against today’s ever-changing threats from crime and disaster.


“A foundational element for personal security and that of your family.

Written in plain English, this book will prepare you for almost any threatening circumstance and, more important, teach you the proper mindset for addressing dangerous situations when they arise.  It contains practical exercises for developing the awareness necessary to avoid 99% of situations that lead to trouble, while greatly improving your odds in the 1% of situations that are unavoidable.

This book covers the spectrum from violent crimes and dangerous internet environments to general preparedness for natural and man-made disasters.  It is concise, yet comprehensive.

There are very few books with the actual potential to save your life, but this is one of them.”

                                                           ~ D. Buxman, Amazon Top 1000 Book Reviewer 


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